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Olive Leaves Contain the Highest Concentrations of Nature’s Most Healing Nutrients.* OLIFE is a Pure Infusion of Olive Leaves.

OLIFE is a Unique, Patented* Nutritional Breakthrough.
All Across Europe, People are Falling in Love with this Product.
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How We Came to Be

When Livio Pesle, a successful businessman, was spending time in the beautiful fields of Cyprus, he met a country doctor whose patients enjoyed extraordinary health. The doctor’s secret? A concoction of olive leaves, carefully infused in water. There was a skill to its creation, which this man had learned from his grandfather. Livio spent many years investigating the science behind the potion. He started making his own infusions on his farm back home in Italy’s Friuli Hills.  And he became possessed of a dream to share the miracle with others. So he invited his son, Luigi, to join him in founding a new company.  They called it EVERGREEN LIFE Products. They were determined to grow the enterprise beyond Italy and bring their discovery to the world. Today, as a result, EVERGREEN LIFE Products is pursuing a mission without borders.


The Ancient Power of the Olive Tree

For thousands of years, the olive tree has held a special place in human mythology. From the tree that Athena gave the city that bears her name, to the olive branch brought by the dove to Noah, to the sacred Mount of Olives near Jerusalem… this ancient tree has been revered for its longevity and relished for the oil it produces. Olive trees have a remarkable capacity to regenerate, even after a lightning strike, and some trees alive today are believed to be thousands of years old. Olive oil is central to the Mediterranean diet, widely considered the healthiest balance of foods on the planet. What few people know, however, is that the greatest concentration of nutrition is found, not in the olives themselves, but in the leaves. One particular organic compound, oleuropein, has extraordinary health-giving benefits.* While there are numerous products on the market offering olive leaf extract, it is infusion in water that brings the highest concentration of this nutritious ingredient. The challenge is getting the process right, and that is what EVERGREEN LIFE Products has achieved. The result is a unique concentrate called OLIVUM®, which lies at the heart of all the company’s products.


Creating a Better Life for All

Livio and Luigi Pesle decided on one principle early in their business journey together. They would enrich people’s lives in every possible way with the miracle they had discovered and developed. In the first place, that meant sharing the multiple health benefits of OLIVUM® — the essential ingredient in EVERGREEN LIFE’s products. Beyond that, the father and son resolved to distribute profits from their company to everyone who helped bring their products to customers.  So they abandoned the traditional model of expensive advertising and marketing through stores. Instead, they chose social selling — a system that allows everyday people to benefit financially when their friends make a purchase. Social selling also empowers people to develop leadership skills, by building teams of others who work alongside them, each one growing his or her personal business.  In this way, EVERGREEN LIFE Products has become a “family affair” in the largest sense — beginning with a father and son, and expanding now to create a family of thousands of Evergreeners in Europe and the United States.


Our Own Foundation

EVERGREEN LIFE Products has its own non-profit Foundation, dedicated to making social contributions to those in need around the world. As an EVERGREEN LIFE Partner, you’ll be helping the Foundation, because part of the revenues you generate go directly to support its work. You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in our work directly with volunteer adventures in locations where the Foundation is active.


Your Next Step

If you’re excited by the unique health benefits of OLIFE, and you’re inspired by Livio and Luigi’s vision for growth, the next step is simple. Talk to the person who introduced you to EVERGREEN LIFE Products and begin your own journey to personal and financial fulfillment as an EVERGREENER.


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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.